Monday, November 2, 2009

color away.

This weekend was rough. Van got grounded from her TV for a week. So, can you guess what she is doing right now? Coloring with her tower of Crayola crayons. Thank goodness she loves it, and I printed enough pictures off to make her busy for hours. I hope that the winner enjoys this as much as we are today.

Michelle said...
very cool tower. We did Christmas cards with our pic in coloring page form one year, then we had Jenna color it and we made color copies for the card.

Send me an e-mail Michelle.
I will let you know what info I need so that you can receive your tower.
Happy coloring!


Barb said...

My daughter could color for hours also!! I tend to start running out of room on the fridge after a while!

Michelle said...

shut up! I just noticed this! Oh, you have no idea how happy she will be!!! (ok, that is if I can pry it out of Jason's hands)

Michelle said...

oh, and I don't have your email... michann00 at gmail dot come (those are zero's not O's)