Friday, August 14, 2009

Food Review: Jack and Jill Bowling Lanes

Way back when I had the debate about the BEST hamburger that I have EVER had..and it wasn't Five Guys...I have been on a mission to find the BEST! I finally found it at a place that you would not suspect, Jack and Jill Bowling Lanes in Pleasant Grove.
The cheeseburger is probably just as expensive as the other place, but it is actually worth it. AND since they not only have fries, tater tots, and waffle fries, they have ONION RINGS! I love onion rings, and especially really crispy ones like theirs!
So next time someone asks me what the next burger is that I have had...I will most def have the answer!!
On our mission to find the BEST we tried a few places, look for my reviews in the coming weeks. Paul and I have a different idea what is the BEST. {wink}

Dieting is not for me, a muffin top is what I'll be!


Krystal said...

mmmm... looks yummy! I'm drooling on my computer now :)

tlkcreations said...

mmmm... onion rings, I love onion rings!

vanessa said...

Evonne Evonne Evonne


You cannot say it is the best until



lets go soon ok

They have one by Thanksgiving Point

and and and

we gotta go to Moochies cause I wanna know if you think that is the best philly cheese steak

Rebecca said...

I just want to tell you that that picture makes me want to vomit. I hate onion rings, especially big ones. Blech...I'll show it to my husband though, and I bet we'll be eating there tonight!

marci said...

Hmm never eaten there but sure have bowled there a ton! We do our work parties over there all the time. Oh, I like the cheeseburgers from Del Taco. You wouldn't expect a taco place having yummy burgers but alas, they do.

Sarah said...

I can't believe I grew up minutes away from there and never had one. I will have to go.

Carissa(GoodnCrazy) said...

Dieting is not for me either.. I can't really see that I'll be at that bowling alley anytime soon however?? My fave burger still is a place called Checker back East. Loved it, kind of an in and out concept place.. but they HAD onion rings too!

Pamela said...

My neighbors parents own that place!!! I will have to tell her you loved the burgers. My neck of the woods and still no love! As if!

Anonymous said...

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