Sunday, August 2, 2009

Creations by Lisa McGrath

I think that I have dreamed of buying this shirt for Van for at least 3 years. When I saw Creations by Lisa McGrath, I knew that this was the perfect shirt for my Van to wear for the next 8 or so months. After looking at Lisa's website I quickly realized that this will be one of many shirts that Van and my new baby will need to wear. I am pretty sure that she has thought of everything, from holiday shirts to special birthday shirts...she has it all!
I was ecstatic when I received Van's shirt! You can tell that Lisa puts a lot of time in ensuring that her t-shirts look fabulous. It makes for a very happy customer, and 4 year old that is proudly romping in the weeds with her new BIG sister t-shirt. And yes Van was looking for bugs, and quickly discovered a preying mantis that she had to catch.

Thank you Lisa! We are in love with your product!

If you wanna buy a cute t-shirt visit her shop {hear}.

She can change hair color, hair style, and you don't have to have the child's name on it. =)


Kami said...

I love that shirt on her! so fun! I had a blast with you on Friday. We were spoiled for sure. Let's do it again. :)

Rachel Sue said...

What an adorable shirt on an adorable girl!

Kendahl, Stepmom Extraordinaire said...

How super cute! If we ever have a little one, I'll definitely be getting one for Punk. She would love it!

Krystal said...

that shirt is so cute... Van is going to be the best big sister ever!

My2Gs said...

We bought a shirt for my little girl that said "Big Sister To Be." and took her to the family Christmas party. That's how we broke the news that I was preggo with number 2! :)