Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Lorken Food Finery Hype Party <3

Holly from Phe.MOM.enon (one of the "sexy six" backstage blogger) planned a fun hype party for Mom's Who Make It Conference at Lorken Food Finery in Gardner Village. I took Van, BFF, and Sam Jo with me for a night of out with the girls.
Holly showed all of the ladies how to make these delightful star sugar cookies. Van was a party pooper, and didn't want hers to have icing on it. She was willing to make one though...really easy and fun.If I ever decide to be a chef, or even cook more than once a week...Lorken Food Finery is the place shop.I love the decor, and all of the cute colors. They make a brown fridge from the 70's look adorable, and of course it is filled with delightful beverages.
They have a whole section of stuff just for kids. I will definitely be going back to buy some kits for Van. I am hoping that if I start letting her cook early she won't be like me. =) Lorken's also does cooking classes for kids, teens, and adults...we will be attending one for a playdate.

Thank you Holly for making a great girly night out.

Stay tuned for more info about hype parties, tweet up's, and fun with the backstage bloggers...this conference is going to be so fun!! Have you gotten your tickets yet? BFF and Sam Jo can't go, and I am lookin' for sidekicks!!


Kristina P. said...

Those cookies look amazing!

J Erickson said...

I love that store!.. and those cookies do look DElicious!

Krystal said...

what a fun store... I will have to check it out sometime. And those cookies are so cute too!

-nickk and whitleyy- said...

wow!! i want to make those cookies for my family QUICK! tell me how so i can make em red white and blue for the fourth! :]

Lauren @ SuperMom Central said...

Awww - look at our cute little girlies! Gabby was so mad at me that night for not informing her of the "princess" dress code. :)

The tweet-up was way fun - see you on Tuesday!

- Lauren @ SuperMom Central

PheMom said...

I am so glad you all had fun! I love hanging with y'all!