Thursday, March 5, 2009


Last night while we were rockin' out, Van poked my eye. It was a complete accident, but it knocked my contact out. I immediately alerted the boys, and snapped at Van to stay on her seat. She was nervous that we were mad at her, and I was just nervous that I had to drive home with 1 contact (I'm BLIND!).
As Shane and Paul frantically looked for it for a good 5 minutes it seemed...Van said something "I'll say a prayer, and we'll find it!". Van right there in the arena said a prayer to find my contact. Guess what Van found? My contact. She pointed right to it, and it was a place that the boys had already looked for it.
Oh, the faith of a child.
It made me feel like I must be doin' something right.
What a great example I have!


Kings said...

oh wow. she is great. I love that story. See ya tomorrow!!!

Emily Christine said...

How cute! :)