Wednesday, February 18, 2009

if only.

Every morning should start off by waking up,
and going to Mickey D's in our PJ's! I love Paul for thinking of the idea, even though he wouldn't go along with wearing his PJ's. He woke up early, showered, and let me sleep in. What a gem!

Sidenote: You should be proud that I didn't order a Coke, because Mickey D's has the BEST Coke EVER! I'm tryin' to cut back, again. I feel like a broken record.


Spence said...

Can't say I share the same taste for McDonalds. It sits in my gut for a week after I eat there. Sure you can link me - my blog is nothing compared to this though.

Emily Christine said...

What a fun idea. I share your love of Micky Dee's breakfasts!