Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Through It All...

I'm still ME!
I got my nails done...They are painted BRIGHT purple.
I still sing in the car. =)
I eat when I'm stressed.
I picked new glasses out...They are BRIGHT orange.
I am diggin' the Halloween candy isle.
I could live in my PJ's.
I love spending $$.
I am goin' have to buy tickets to the circus if I want to go. =(
I have the WORST luck at those dumb Kodak printing machines. GRRRR!!
I will accomplish something big this week.
(I'll get back to you on that.)
AND I still hate to grocery shop.


Callee said...

so maybe I am reading too much into this post, but are you having one of those weeks too? I am going on 2 weeks of it. I eat when I am stressed too, hence why I can't fit into any of my clothes. Love the last couple of posts!

Emily Christine said...

I can't wait to see the purple nails and orange glasses. It IS so you!