Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tag You Are It.

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1. I really do LOVE to sing. I don't know if I'm great, but I don't care. I use to sing in a choir, I sang at my Grandma's funeral, brother's farewell, etc. That is one REALLY great thing about being in Primary...singing time. I am the only teacher who actually stands up with their class to do the actions too. Oh, and as much as Paul hates when I do it...I sing in the car!

2. I hate socks, and I have passed this on to Savannah. I don't like wearing them in the winter either. I wear sandals pretty much year round. Savannah's feet actually start to peel, because she will NOT wear socks.

3. I have the WORST teeth! One dentist appointment I had 14 cavities. Pathetic huh!? I have had teeth pulled, and I have lots of crowns, and a bridge. boo. =(

4. I don't like re-watching movies. We didn't start actually buying DVD's until Savannah was born. Once I have seen it...I don't usually ever see it again. Savannah on the other hand can watch the same movie 3 times in a day. How can you not get sick of it?!

5. I have a horrible memory. I always remember the stuff that isn't going to get me very far. If Paul tells me to do something I am bound to forget it...BUT I don't forget that I want to go to the scrap book store. lol

6. I am a sentimental gal. I love having things that remind me of my childhood. I love going on rides to look at all the houses that I lived in. I even like going to Holiday Oil for treats, because it reminds me of being a teenager. I insist on having traditions with Savannah, because I want her to have a lot of fun memories.

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Jeff & Kerstin said...

Interesting! I thought for sure you would be a movie repeater like me. Jeff and I watch tons over and over. I did not know this about you.
Also - your memory issue. I would like to call this selective memory - and I think we all have it! I believe I have very similar memory habits. :) HAHA

Rachel said...

I'm just the opposite on the socks thing, but I don't have cute feet like you! At least I don't wear socks with sandals though, that is totally lame!

We have watched the movie "Cars" about a million times the last week. When the movie ends Andy will say "Let's watch it again." We don't have any cable so I've blamed it on that, but maybe it's just a kid thing. I will never understand it either.

That is neat about remembering your childhood. I grew up in California so I can't go back to places I remember, and I hate that! But my mom kept all of my art projects and awards from growing up and I have them in scrapbooks.

Vanessa~ I Never Grew Up said...

I have the same as you for 3 of them #2 #4 and #6 Loved this post!!