Monday, June 2, 2008

Before & After

After living in a town home for 5+ years...this house has been a lot of work! I have taken tons of photo's along the way (surprise, surprise!). I realized while looking at all of the pictures how far it has come since we first moved in (Sept '07). After getting motivation again from the photo's we headed off to Home Depot. I'm anxious for our next round of projects, and I am feeling renewed. Ask me how I feel at the end of this week...I just might not feel as motivated!

I just added this picture in, because I thought Savannah looked cute!


Emily Christine said...

The house is looking great! I wish I could get modivated. I just really hate anything to do with home improvement/painting. LOL. Van looks super pretty in that picture!

Sell Family said...

If you need a friend to help motivate you...I can do it! I'll help paint or what not! I can even bring Paul along. I don't really like actually doing the home improvement stuff, but I LOVE the end result. I think every weekend we end up doing something! My new project...wood blinds in the whole house. They came today to measure. I'm pretty stoked about it! It is going to change the whole look of every room! =)

Thanks for the comment about Van. I always look at her and think how beautiful she is, and wonder if it's just cause I'm her Mom!

Oh, and can I just say that photoscape is like HEAVEN SENT! I want to fix up all my pictures...all thanks to Susan! Have you played with this program much?

Rachel said...

You did such a great job on all your improvements! Your house looks beautiful!

And Savannah is gorgeous, it's not that you are just her mom! I hope I can have a little girl as pretty as her someday!!

Have you downloaded Picasa from Google yet? I play with all my pictures in that program and I absolutely love it!!