Friday, January 11, 2008

About Me

I am Von, Evonne, Evonce, and Vonnie, whichever you want to call me. I am sensitive. I am funky and weird. I love my family. I love trolli eggs (candy). I hate socks. I love sandals. I hate to be cold. I love crafts and scrap booking. I am addicted to Coke. I love Dooney and Bourke. I hate to cook, but love eating at Mexican restaurants. I love to travel, and wish I could do more of it. I am a Wife. I am a Stay at Home Mommy, and have 3 adorable babies at home. Somewhere in the mix of it...I'm just tryin' to be me!
Paul is my studly hubby of almost 15 years. He loves sports (anything), mini golfing, movies, baked goods, walks, and HDtv! Paul owns Sell Vending, which is made up of 200+ vending machines and arcade games scattered throughout Utah and Idaho. Between vending and taking care of his high maintenance wife, daughters, and son, he is a busy man!
Van is our fun loving 9 year old who loves dancing, singing, going to church, jammies, talking on the phone, shrimp, grasshoppers, and going to the movies! Van loves being a bossy big Sister, and plays the role quite nicely.
Devi is our little 3 year old boy. He is in love with making trouble. Devin is our constant entertainment. He enjoys playing with all things girly, and loves his finger nails painted. He loves being outside on his scooter, and we dread the snow...he is not a fan of being cold like his Mommy.
Bina is our almost 2 year old. She is following in her big brothers footsteps and likes trouble. She loves to color on anything, but paper. She is our picky eater, and could live on steak and cheese alone. She is feisty, but as the baby of our family...she needs to be a little sassy to survive.

Welcome to our Party of 5.

We hope you stay awhile.

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SMMARTideas said...

Just thinking about you and checking up on you...we met at Thanksgiving Point and you were so super nice to introduce yourself while our girls played together. Hope all is going well with the pregnancy!