Tuesday, September 22, 2015

just keep swimming.

Every year, except one, I have come up with an excuse to not put the kids in swimming lessons. This year I saw a childhood friend offering swimming lessons in her backyard, and I decided to jump on it...make no excuses. 
At first I wasn't going to sign Bina up, because she wasn't potty trained. With a mention of not being able to swim with Devin and Savannah, she quickly potty trained in a weekend. If I would have known that is all it would take I would have bribed her with swimming lessons earlier.
It was the perfect size classes, great teacher, the right time of day. It was so fun to watch Savannah and Devin really progress, and love going. Bina started off really strong, but in the end decided she didn't love "the big bathtub" every day.

We were sad when it was over, and was definitely a highlight to our Summer. 

Monday, September 21, 2015

Silver Lake Adventure.

Uncle Kyle moved from Idaho to a cute cabin super close to Silver Lake up Big Cottonwood Canyon. Even though we live by the mountains, it is rare we ever go up and explore. We were excited when Kyle invited us to come for a picnic, and scope out Silver Lake. 
It really isn't a hike, which was right up our alley. It is mostly flat, and some of it is even deck-like material you walk on.
It was a good amount of adventure for us, and definitely worth taking another trip up to explore. We got lucky on the day we went, and saw a moose out in the water. It was made for a pretty cool experience.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

starting somewhere.

Where do you even start when you haven't blogged since June? Truth, I have no idea. 

I decided to just start somewhere, even if that means that things will be out of sequence. I will forget these memories all together if I don't start somewhere.


This post is going to be about our newest baby. A boy. Due Christmas Day, 2015. 
{25 weeks}

His name will be Drake, and our first baby that I have given a name to. I have never really cared what our babies names were, just that I had the opportunity to have them. Then this boy came along, and I did a fair amount of begging for his name to be Drake.
Just because he is our 4th, it hasn't diminished my excitement. I still can't wait to meet him, snuggle, and soak him up. 

This has been my easiest pregnancy, and I secretly hope that means he will be my easy baby. Fat chance, I know. We have most everything ready for his arrival, which is some sort of record for us. 
There was a time in my life when I wasn't sure we would have a family, and I said I would be happy with just one baby. Now we will be a family of 6, and I feel like someone should pinch me...I am so thankful for these little people who I get to be a Mommy to. Such a dream come true.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

adventure a day kick off 2015

I have had plans for the first few days of Summer for weeks. It hasn't all gone as planned, but even the bumps were pretty smooth.
So, Wednesday was our early out, kick off to Summer. Savannah's school has a carnival, and what better way to say goodbye to school. We went and ate ourselves silly. They do a really great job making it fun and crazy affordable. I think the kids did about everything. They had bounce houses, magic show, volley ball, face painters, hoola hooping, and tons of running around and laughing with friends. We came home tired and sticky after quite a few hours.
But when we got home Sabrina started to complain her stomach hurt again. She had swallowed a magnet the night before, and had complained a few times during the day about it. We went about our business, until she decided to start throwing up. Her and I got back in the car for a quick ER visit. Sabrina was such a good girl for everyone, and was only slightly terrified. She decided to puke on me, and all of our belongings during our visit. I have a rather weak stomach, and that Dr was a total hero and undressed Sabrina and wrapped her in a clean blanket for me. I was given a list of things to watch for, and was sent on our way.

We decided our plans for today would need to be scratched, and plan a much more low key day. I was disappointed last night as I canceled plans, but it all worked out today.
We did manicures when we woke up, worked on perler beads projects {more on that later}, took epic naps, watched a movie, and then decided we were a little stir crazy. The big kids hopped on bikes, and Sabrina got a stroller ride to the gas station and park. We got home in time for more perler bead projects, bath, and bedtime.

I say it was a pretty action packed first day of Summer. Can't wait for the rest!

Sunday, May 31, 2015

a goal turned in to another.

Way back in January of 2013 I set a goal to "get in the picture" more with my kids. I actually did really well, and feel like I have made it a habit. You will see me sprinkled in photos of most of the adventures we do. Paul also got me a selfie stick, making family photos more common too! 
So, in July of 2014 I set another goal to take pictures of my 3 kids together. If you follow me on Instagram you can usually see at least a weekly photo of my 3 kids together. The only way I knew this goal was going to work is if I made it fun for the kids. They get to pose themselves, which means they don't even have to always look or smile. It has made some of my favorite pictures of them.
We recently went to Camera Shy to have the kids' pictures done. I let the kids each pick something they could bring to get their picture taken with. I decided I just really love an authentic picture, showing you exactly what my kids personalities are like. I think it shocked the cute little photographer when I didn't care that Devin was holding his "Cheeto" in the pictures, and Sabrina was wearing her shoes on the wrong feet. 
These picture goals have been way more fun to work on than that pesky weight goal I keep setting and failing at. 


Also, my favorite individual pictures of the 3 with their favorite things...

Savannah chose Sisters Grimm book series, her absolute favorite.
Devin chose his "Cheeto", and a Ninja Turtle car. I would definitely say he can't live without one more than the other.
Sabrina chose a Doc McStuffin's doll, that just so happened to be dressed up like a princess. I think this little girl owns every Doc toy on the market, she is obsessed!! 

Sunday, May 24, 2015

L Floral Studio

This is NOT a sponsored post, I have just been blessed with some pretty incredible people in my life. One of those people is Delene, whom I have known long before children came along. That lady is the best of the best. She works at L Floral Studio, and graciously invited us to hang out with her in the studio one afternoon.
I went in thinking Savannah would love making floral arrangements, but I wasn't expecting much from the 2 littles. It turned out to be one of our favorite afternoons of adventure.
Delene had cute little glass vases with floral foam ready for the kids to make their own arrangements. She had a wide variety of flowers, and the kids oooh'ed and aaaah'ed over every one...and maybe even fought over some of the unique ones. Delene was so nice to teach the kids the names of flowers, and show them how to make the flowers look good in the arrangements.
They were all so proud of what they made. Devin was under the impression his arrangement would grow when he watered it, and was disappointed when it started dying a few days later.
It was so fun to try something new, and absolutely love it. We went away thinking we need to invite friends next time. There is something awesome about the smell of fresh flowers, making something with your hands, and hanging out with people you love. It made for a perfect afternoon.
Thank you Delene, and L Floral Studio for having us! Get ready for us, because we are comin' back soon!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

brush myself off.

I let someone on the internet hurt my feelings.

There. I said it. 

I cried. I vented. I gave that person space in my head they didn't deserve. I let them control my actions, second guessing every move I made on the world wide web. Saddest part of it all, they probably went on about life without ever thinking about me again.

I forgot the reason why I share my pictures, my stories, my life. It isn't for someone else to tell me I am important, or matter. It isn't so I can show my kids they got so many likes, because they are stinkin' adorable. I do it for me, I do it because I love looking back on my blog, Instagram, and Facebook. 
I was at dinner with Cathy, and she gave me a good talkin' to about changing my ways. It really was something I needed to hear. 

Not everyone will want to be my friend. Some people will "unfriend" me, and instead of wondering/worrying what I did wrong...I am going to move on with the people who want to be there. I won't change because of the fear of losing a "follower". My life is more than a blog, or a number.
So, here I am. Ready to catch up on all the happening in our little house. Share the large amounts of pictures I take, and with Summer right around the corner...we are gearing up for another round of "Adventure a Day".