Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Year End Review 2016

Well, let me see if I still have it

After reading all the past years, I realize why I still come back to this ol' blog and dust it off every once in awhile. It is good for my soul to hear the clicking of the keys, and highlight all the positive...because we all know that is the only stuff we want to remember anyway!

So 2016.
Drake {turned 1 in December}: We added him to our family right before the new year started. He managed to almost send me to the looney bin with his excessive crying, the amount of sleep we both didn't get, and his need to only be held by me. He survived his first year of life on one thing alone...cuteness. I survived his first year of life on massive amounts of Coke, and some serious antidepressants! 
Bina {4 years old}: Bina has mastered the art of going cross-eyed. This year she also learned the password to the iPad, how to operate the remote to the TV, and get her own breakfast! She has decided that washing her hair is overrated, and pants are too! Bina would prefer to stay home all day, eeeery day...but I make her be social at preschool twice a week. 
Devin {6 years old}: If there is anything that can be made into a collection, Devin wants to do it. He has a Shopkins collection, Tsum Tsum collection, rock collection, Pokemon card collection, and the list goes on. In 2016 he decided that being on the soccer field just wasn't enough, and he joined Junior Jazz...and taught himself how to beatbox. Still looking for a coach for beatboxing, any takers?
Savannah {12 years old}: Paul and I look at each other and say "Where did this kid come from?". She strives for perfection, which is annoyingly awesome! Savannah finally got contacts, and aged about 10 years by doing so. She has the biggest school supply collection one has ever seen. Pencil boxes, any and all writing utensils, and notebooks are the quickest way to her heart. She is our babysitter, our biggest helper, and quite the kid!
 Paul {32 forever}: Paul finally grew out of his 2 car garage, and we started shopping for a new house with more space for all those toys and machines! Paul's biggest accomplishments for 2016 were saying yes to a calling in our church, and finding friends! I mean really, the finding friends should get an entire post. Besides his good ol' bakery runs, and movie dates...he actually got adventurous! He went shooting, tried sushi, and even got a Jazz game in there!
Evonne {35 years old}: It is always much harder to talk about myself, let me see here. I took a calling in our church too, it has brought a lot friends, and taken me out of my comfort zone as far as church is concerned. I spoke in church for the first time in my life, that was a doozy. I finally learned to keep a house clean, and oddly enough it feels good. I still don't love to cook, but with a family of 6...I am always working on it. I started exercising, but it was short lived. Still love a gas station run after the kids go to bed, and running away with Paul every chance I get!

2016 can be summed up in a few words...friendships, family, and a whole lotta memories! We will be forever grateful for those people who made our 2016 one to remember. We could have never dreamed up the year we had, and all the new adventures we went on! We are a month into our new year, and can already tell this one could be a roller coaster!  

Wednesday, November 9, 2016


When you turn 12 in the LDS faith, it is a big milestone. Savannah had been counting down the weeks until she got to join the Young Women in our ward, instead of being in Primary. 
The Young Women Presidency and a few girls came over the morning of her birthday to kidnap her for breakfast! They put a cute sign on our door, and Savannah felt so special.
She has gone to a couple of activities, and a had a couple of Sunday lessons she attended...and she loves it! The girls have been so welcoming, and she is definitely loving being with the older girls in our ward.

It has been nothing but a joy watching Savannah grow, change, and develop into a little lady! We feel lucky to have her as our oldest child, and have her be such a awesome part of our family!

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Hale Center Theatre Date Night

I was given tickets to a show, but all opinions are my own.

Paul and I were invited to a night out at Hale Center Theater! We gladly accepted the invitation, because I definitely don't experience the theatre enough. Believe it or not, I didn't even have to bribe Paul to go! 

If you are unfamiliar with Hale Center Theatre, where have you been? It is a unique and intimate experience! It is the perfect date night, GNO, or take your kids (5-6 years old+) for a family affair!

They have done a range of productions from Beauty and the Beast to Father of the Bride. You will most definitely find something for everyone. Devin has his eye on Disney's High School Musical Jr, and mine is set on Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat!
As we were enjoying Sister Act (which is what is currently playing) I just kept thinking about how much Savannah would enjoy coming too. The music sucks you in, and it is amazing to me the talent these folks have...it is a talent I don't possess. Paul isn't much of a theatre guy, but he even was entertained by it all (and has been a couple of times).

We were able to get a behind the scenes tour before our show, and it was absolutely fascinating seeing what goes on. The costume changes, the sets, the work! We also got to learn about the new 130,000 sq ft theatre they are building in Sandy, Utah.
It is going to be soooo beeeeautiful!!
This new Hale Center Theatre, in Sandy City, is going to be spectacular! There is so much going in to it, I can't wait for it to open. It will be able to hold approx 1,300 patrons vs the West Valley location only being about to hold a little over 600. Ticket prices will still be reasonable, which you always worry about with a new location. They will have 2 stages in the new place! Squeeee! More productions, more fun!
Our personal favorite thing that they will have at the new location is LEG ROOM! This is my one big complaint about the current West Valley location. It is so cramped. When other patrons wouldn't move during intermission, we had to resort to climbing over seats...and yes I was in a dress! So, leg room is important, and changing! 

I decided after our night at Hale Center Theatre, I needed to be better about bringing my kids (which they encourage)! I am excited to watch the new location come together, and be a beautiful addition to Sandy City!

If you want more information on how to donate to this project, click here.

Thank you Hale Center Theatre for being a part of our community. It was inspiring to listen to how many charitable contributions they make to schools, so that our kids have the opportunity to watch live productions! 

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Nickelmania Birthday Party

Savannah hasn't had many friend birthday parties, but this year being the big 1-2 she wanted to invite a few friends to do something fun with her. After tossing around a few ideas, she settled on a party at Nickelmania
I had grand plans of having a cute arcade type invite sent to all of her friends, but when I saw some emoji invites that sealed the deal on our real theme. So, it was an all things emoji party with a side of Nickelmania! 
My friend Frieda makes adorable, yummy, soft sugar cookies. Instead of a cake, we had her make everyone an emoji cookie. My only regret is that I didn't order more, because those things were delicious!

The girls all loaded in the van, and we played getting to know you games on the way there and back. It is so fun watching Savannah interact with her friends. She has chosen some really good ones! They giggled about boys, talked about school, and told our most embarrassing stories.
When we got to Nickelmania we played games, ate pizza, opened up presents that were all perfect for Savannah, spent our tickets, and headed back home! 

It was the easiest party, and I think the girls all had fun. Of course, Devin and Bina had fun, because they tagged along too! 

Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween 2016

We usually have so many things planned in October, but the month flew by without much of anything exciting happening. There was no pumpkin patch visit, trunk or treat, or even a trip to see the Witches. Sometimes I have it in me, and sometimes I just gotta go low key! The kids didn't even seem to notice, which makes me wonder why I do it all to begin with. The kids didn't even put costumes on until the day of Halloween, which really felt like a waste. 
I had initially thought that this would be Savannah's last year of trick or treating, but then I decided we don't need to make that decision yet. If next year comes around, and she feels like it...I say go for it! We always need help with the littles, and she is happy to watch out for them.
Devin has wanted to be Chucky for a couple of years now, and I finally said I didn't care. He always wants to pick something different than what most kids his age are doing, which I love! I didn't see one other person dressed up the same as him. {wink, wink}
Sabrina could have been dressed up as a million different things, and would have still been happy about it. She is pretty easy going, and is just happy to get free candy! We picked Minnie Mouse, because it is something we hadn't done in our house yet. She was so cute with her posing...that was all on her own.
Drake was a sea turtle, because I thought it was appropriate with his crawling to have a little shell on his back. Then the day of Halloween he decided that he was too good for crawling, and wanted to pose standing! What a show off.

It was a bit chaotic having 4 kids to dress up. Most of the time I don't notice having 4, but Halloween wasn't one of those times! 

Friday, October 28, 2016

drake's first haircut

I have trimmed Drake's hair here and there, but it was definitely time for a legit haircut! When it comes to tiny people, I think you can't go wrong to spend the extra money at Cookie Cutters
Since Drake is only 10 months old, he needed all the bells and whistles to sit in that little car for any amount of time! We pulled out suckers, balloons, toys...but man he hated those clippers!
And just like that, his haircut turned him from a baby to a big boy! I can't get over how handsome he looks!

Thursday, October 27, 2016

birthday boy is forever 32

Paul has the kids convinced he is 32, and that number is never going to change. The little ones don't get it, but Savannah and I play along with his game!

Paul really got a bad deal when he married me, because I am the worst gift giver ever! He also doesn't help my situation by buying everything he wants, when he wants it. The stories of failed attempts to surprise him are endless.

You know what makes our situation awesome though? He doesn't care. He doesn't want anything. He always picks to do something with the kids, for the kids, and what makes everyone else happy. That Paul is quite the guy!

The kids made him homemade cards. Devin cut flowers from the yard, and made him a beautiful bouquet of orange {our favorite color} flowers to put in his bathroom. We went to lunch at a place we didn't have to worry about Drake being naughty, followed it up with a cupcake from the bakery.

Even though there wasn't anything extravagant about his day, I hope he knows how much we love him!