Monday, March 2, 2015

confidence: try something new

A few months ago the Bishop asked me to be in charge of our Young Women's girls camp, and to be their sports director too! I laughed when the words came out of his mouth. Uh, I don't camp, we don't even own sleeping bags. I have never played sports, and can't remember the last time I even exercised. I still can't believe I said yes.
I remember thinking that if I wanted the girls to get excited about playing basketball, I needed to be excited about playing too...not just coaching them.

I was so nervous the first week I walked in to that gym to play. I thought I could put on a jersey, be a really good cheerleader, and be that constant player to come so we never had to forfeit.

Something unexpected happened in that gym for me though.

I wanted to learn to play. I wanted to win. I liked the exercise. I fell in love with the women, and had fun being a part of their team.

I am so glad that I had the confidence to try something new, because it gave me new people to love. I honestly can not wait until next season, even though our team will probably look totally different. 

Who knew trying something new would be so much fun. Take that confidence!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

a goal for confidence.

Last week as I was driving to a Dr appointment for the 2 littles, I had a thought hit me light a bolt of lightning. It was odd, really. I had not been thinking about anything in particular, but this thought was clear as day. I decided to choose a "One Little Word" for 2015 right then and there.


As I sat in the office that day, the kids playing at my feet waiting for the Dr, I thought of this word. The Dr came in and made small chat with me. She casually mentioned how smart Sabrina was, and used the Lord's name in vain in the process. Devin immediately perked up, and told her that wasn't a word we use. Well, what should have been a PMM, it turned into something very different. The Dr immediately questioned Devin as to who taught him this, and that it wasn't something bad to say. 

I was embarrassed. I wanted to crawl in a hole. I didn't know how to handle the situation. I tried to change the subject, and Devin went back to playing.

I couldn't help but realize as I loaded the kids back in the car, I did indeed need to work on my confidence. Of course as I drove home I thought of a million things I could have said, but none of those came out when I needed them to.

Although people see me as an outgoing person, and some even were baffled at the idea that I need to work on my confidence...I really do. 
I have always had a hard time standing up for myself. I have definitely gotten better at it, but I would like to think I can always strive to become something more.

So, 2015 is my year to be confident. I want to try new things, meet new people, be good at standing up for something I believe in. I want to be confident in my body, and the way I carry myself. I want to have confidence in my knowledge of parenting my children, and decisions I make in our home. 

I have a good feeling about it, I will keep you posted.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

a family adventure.

Last year we had one gigantic goal, cut back! That means I had to learn to cook more, limit my Crazy 8 and Target trips, and lots of boring nights at home. Was it hard to adjust? You betcha. Have we gotten use to all of it yet? Nope. We like to be on the go, and I love spending money. This goal trickled in to 2015, and it might just stay around forever.

We have gotten really creative in our boredom. We play games, we do lots of crafts, and some nights we just clean. Are you jealous of my life? I know, it is glorious.

One Saturday we were literally going crazy, and we decided to go on a long drive...and do some surprise visits. {Do I even need to mention the insanely low gas prices? I mean, everyone is talking about it.}
We drove to the farthest place we wanted to visit, and worked our way back home. I put a status on Facebook warning people to put bras on and clean up their houses. I updated it throughout the day with pictures of our stops.
Our first stop was Jill's house, but she wasn't home. Whomp, whomp, whomp. We didn't want it to start off like this, so we found out she was at WalMart. I ran in and hugged her in the medicine isle.
We headed north to Shane and Kelsey's house. We were sad our little Dominic was sleeping, but we got to see all the fun improvements they have made on their house.
Our last stop was Cathy and Dan. How could we go to Utah County and not see them!? She was watching my status on Facebook, wondering if she was going to be one of the stops. 
We made stops at both of the Water Gardens theaters, dinner, a gas station stop in between our favorite people stops.

This was one of our favorite days. I think we were gone for more than 8 hours, and we decided we needed to do more days like this.

Thank you to everyone for letting us in your houses without much warning. We are thankful to have so many wonderful people in our lives. 

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

doin' it right.

I have found that parenting will probably always be hard, just different things will make it this way. Babies like to make it hard by not sleeping through the night,  2 year olds like to throw tantrums, 10 year olds are extra hormonal, and I could probably come up with something for every age.

We have a 10 year old in this house that is bossy and sassy...and is smarter than me, obvs. Boy howdy is it fun! I think we all look forward to Monday's, because we need a break from each other.

The fun thing about parenting is you are constantly learning. Even though I have been a Mom for a decade, I have never had a 10 year old. It is all new to me, we are all just trying to figure out what works. We have lots of hard days, buckets of tears, and plenty of stomping to bedrooms with a nice slam of the door.

Just when I am about to throw in the towel, something good happens. Does this happen to anyone else?

Last Friday I picked up Savannah, and knew right off it had been a bad day. Just like the previous 4 days. 4th grade is hard yo! 

She looked at me and said "Mom, I don't even want to tell you, you are gonna be mad!"

Uh, since I didn't get a phone call from the school, it couldn't be that bad, right?

She proceeds to tell me how they took a timed quiz in class, and when she knew she wasn't going to finish, she copied off of her neighbor.

Is it bad that the first thing I said was..."Well, did you get caught!?"

She then tells me that she didn't get caught, but after she turned her work in, she didn't feel good. She started to get emotional, and had to go and tell the teacher what she had done.

I clarify with her..."So, you told on yourself?"


Did I get mad? Nope, I laughed hysterically thinking my kid told on herself for cheating.
Moral of the story: 

I must be doing something right, even when I feel like I am doing it all wrong. 

Now pass the Coke and chocolate so I can survive the teenage years.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

who am I? who can I become?

I recently got the boot from teaching the Sunbeams, and got a couple of new callings with the Young Women in our ward. I have quickly fell in love with these young ladies, and truly feel at home with this group. I am so excited to plan girls camp, I do admit I don't know what I am doing. I am going on faith and a prayer, or something like that.

Even though I am not in the presidency or a teacher, I have been invited to attend class and activities. Our lesson this past week was especially good for my lil' soul. 

As the girls answered the question "Who Can I Become?", I loved all of their responses. One girl wants to own a farm, one girl wants to marry a return missionary, one girl wants to have 2 kids. I remember being that age, and hoping for all those things too. 

After they all shared their big, grand goals, I thought of mine. I couldn't help but feel emotional. I am living what I dreamed of, and what an honor that I get to. I didn't always believe I deserved it, or that it would happen for me. Thankfully I have a loving Heavenly Father that has always been watching out for me.

Although being a Wife and a Mother isn't what everyone dreams of, it was my dream. It didn't all come as naturally as I thought it would, but I try every single day to be better than I was the day before. So thankful for the opportunity that I have, and feel especially lucky. 

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

dusting off the keyboard.

I don't even know where to begin, because it has been that long. I am pretty sure Paul is the only one that still checks my blog to see if I have updated.

I decided a good place to start is with my annual end of year letter to my family, friends, and stalkers. A recap of everything that didn't happen in 2014. It is my favorite thing to write every year, definitely worth sitting back down to the computer for. 


How can a year seem so uneventful, yet I look back at my hundreds of photos and have so many memories and emotions. I have been so excited to wish this year away, and now I find myself sad that it is gone. All my kids another year older, farther away from being those tiny babies I adore having in our house. 2014 was hard, but oh how I wish I could bottle all those good things up and relive them.  
Sabrina {age 2.5}: Our Bina Jane is our favorite 2 year old, she has yet to really reach any sort of terrible in our eyes. She is our child that keeps me smiling and sane most days. What did our baby accomplish this year? Well, she got rid of her paci on her very own, which I still miss. Bina got a toddler bed in hopes it would help her sleep more, it didn't. We had a first ER visit with Bina, I haven't ever done this with a kid before. She learned lots of awesome words/phrases like bootay, fart, and "I don't poop in toilet!" She reminds me every day that God loves me, because He sent her to me.
Devin {age almost 5}: Oh boy! There is never a dull moment with this kid. 2014 he lost his first tooth by getting it knocked out. Devin suckered Paul and I out of more money for toys, treats, and games that I would ever admit to. I will blame him for always being broke. He tells me when he is 6 he will stop sucking his thumb, I secretly think is the most adorable thing he does. Devin has a skill of melting my heart just before I reach my breaking point. He is a pro on his scooter, and still hates church as much as he did in all the previous years.
Savannah {age 10}: Van decided she wanted to start a new sport, soccer. She plays defense, and is actually really good at it. Who knew my kid would like a sport her parents know nothing about!? She would spend every minute away from us if she could, she has reached that stage. We don't do enough, are so embarrassing, and definitely don't let her stay up late enough. We are just so unfair. Savannah likes to be the Mom, but no one else appreciates it. She still has managed to be a straight A student, even though she can't remember to brush her hair or teeth any day of the week.
Evonne {age 33, I think}: I have said this every year, but one word to sum up my life is always PLAY. I do a lot of it, I have come to terms with it. I finally got to see Wicked the musical, the only thing that disappointed was our seats. I went to my first blog conference {SNAP!}, and got my party on. I successfully entertained our children, which is a really big deal...if you ask me. I learned how to curl my hair with a straightener, which is probably my biggest accomplishment.
Paul {age 36}: After breaking his leg in December, he finally got his cast/boot off at the end of April. Paul continued on his quest to see all good movies in the theater, and eat the most delicious baked goods in all the land. He is always looking for a new business adventure to stress him out, and we may have just found a good fit in 2015. Stay tuned. He managed to keep his wife happy by his constant spoiling, and survived my new cooking adventures.

Our favorite highlights of 2014 were a quick trip to Park City as a family, a weekend getaway to Midway as a couple, having the Bess family come from California, Grandma come from Wisconsin, another Summer of #sellfamilyadventureaday, going to the Lil Wayne vs Drake concert, visiting with Paul's mission companion, BFF coming to hang out, and lots of little things in between.

Dear 2015,

Please be kind.

The Sell Family

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Little Chicks Class at Tracy Aviary {a recap}

Our time in the Little Chicks class at Tracy Aviary has already come to an end. It went by so fast, and left us wanting more. We learned so much, and had so much fun. We can't help but feel a little sad that we will have to wait until January for the next Little Chicks class to start up again. We made so many new little friends, including birds. 
Our love of birds has grown exponentially. Devin's awareness for all the birds around us is awesome, and he remembers so much from "bird class".

I am just going to tell you a little tidbit about each bird that we found interesting. After 6 weeks, Devin can still remember things from the very first class. 
Our first class we met Barnie, the Great Horned Owl. We thought it was cool that it is the softness of their feathers that make them fly so quietly.
The second class we got up close and personal with Millie, the American Crow. This is the class that the kids got to help Millie train with the donation box. So memorable watching them be brave, and Bina trying to pet Millie. 
All the kids running/flying with bird feathers.
Our third class was Inca, the Red-billed Toucan. This is the bird that Devin related to something he had seen on Rio {the movie}.
The fourth class was Irvana, the Volture. We went in thinking these were really ugly birds, but ended up really loving Invana. The little tidbit I found so fascinating was they spread their wings out in the sun to 'ultraviolet bathe', which is when they use the UV light from the sun to burn bacteria off of their feathers. 
Our fifth class was the parrots, and we met Dali, the Great Green Macaw. There are lots of different birds that are considered parrots. Also, when Dali gets excited her white cheeks turn pink, just like for us when we blush. 
Our last class was the cutest White-faced Whistling ducks, Salt and Pepper. They got to eat right out of our hands, and my kids were thrilled. Also, we learned not all ducks quack, these ducks were some that don't. 
See that bird next to Devin, that is Bina!! She hasn't been able to take off the bird costume. 
They made our last class extra special by letting my kids paint pumpkins that went in to the bird enclosures. They were sure proud of their creations, and Devin hoped all night the peacocks were enjoying his pumpkin. 
Gosh, it has been so fun. We have loved every minute. Not only have my kids loved the class, we get to explore the aviary after every class. 

Thank you Tracy Aviary for the best kind of experience possible. We couldn't have asked for a better 6 week course. 

Love your #1 fans!
the end.